Tips For Getting a Payroll Advance Loan

Are you familiar with a payroll advance loan? It used to be that companies offered these to employees themselves, but today, if your car breaks down or your hot water heater explodes, you may be out of luck as far as your employer is concerned. They just don't offer these to employees any longer, which means an outside company that does can be a godsend for these emergencies. While it should never be thought of as a regular means of stretching one's paychecks, it can be a way to get the money you need without going through a bank or credit union. These loans are typically short-term, just 10 to 30 days in length, and are only meant to get you through until the next payday.

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So how do you get a payroll advance loan? You can go online and search or even look through the yellow pages; there are many local companies that may set up shop in a strip mall near your home and many that simply operate online. Usually you need to show proof of employment and income and of course your identification, and the money is put into your bank account. There are papers for you to sign since it is an actual loan and you should read these through carefully. However you usually don't need to show proof of assets or anything else to get such a loan.

Remember too that there are a few different ways of describing a payroll advance loan, such as a faxless loan or cash advance loan, and if you need help in understanding the terms and differences, don't hesitate to ask! These loans are quick and convenient and a great way to get you through the week, but you still should understand what is required of you as well!

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